Why is my usage history in the new system different to that in the old?

When we transferred your data from the old system we copied across your usage history (logins, module progress etc.) plus your performance data (assessment results etc.).

Module Progress

With regards module progress, even though you may have achieved 100% progress in each of the MDCS modules when using the old system, you will find that this may not be accurately reflected in the new system. This is because we have additional content in the new system so essentially those pages have not been visited by you. You have not lost any data.

If you need to provide evidence to your university/institution that you have completed all modules (100% Progress) you have two options.

  1. Login to the old system and print your usage record from there.
  2. Login to the new system and visit the pages you have not yet accessed.

For instructions on how to login to the old system please read our other Knowledge Base article

To visit pages in the new system that are new and you have not yet accessed, please follow these instructions.

1. Login to the new system as normal.
2. Click on the My Record menu item to open your user record.
3. Open the Essential Skills panel to view your module progress data - this is what we have transferred from the former MDCS module.
4. Identify the modules that do not show 100% as in the screenshot below.


In this example, we will show how to visit the pages that have not been read in the Injections section of Essential Skills.

5. Hover your mouse over the Modules menu item and click the Start Module link associated with Essential Skills.

6. Select Injections from the chapter drop down menu and hover your mouse over the sections menu to show all sections as in the example below.


An empty circle to the far left of any item means that section has not been visited - in the example above you can see that this applies to 2 sections that have been highlighted.

7. Click on each section in turn to view the content. When you have viewed the content for each section your progress for that module will then show 100%.

8. Repeat this process for any other sections of the Essential Skills module that do not show 100% completion.


With regards Logins, the figure below shows the top panel of your user record which records the date you first registered your safeMedicate account, the date of your last login and the number of logins you have made via the Portal. This data will have been transferred from the old system.

Usage of individual modules such as the former MDCS module is recorded on the Essential Skills panel of your record as highlighted below.

The usage count may be higher than the login count on the panel above as you may have accessed the MDCS module multiple times during a single login.

Practice Assessments

All of your practice assessments taken in the former ADA module are listed on the right side of the Essential Skills panel as shown above.

Scheduled Assessments

All of your assessments that were scheduled by your university/institution are listed on the Assessments panel as shown below.



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